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Halo Content
« on: March 02, 2016, 03:45:41 pm »
I don't know if suggesting 2 addons is against the rules, but i checked out the thread rules, and saw nothing in there about it, so here goes!

1: Your name. ericcoolman

2: What type of suggestion?

Multiple addons with lots of content. honestly, it was just the killstreaks i was going to suggest at first, but then i saw another pack with much more content.

3: Suggestion title.

#1: Halo Combat Evolved: The Mod:

#2: Halo Killstreak Addon:

4: Description.

#1: Weapons, Vehicles and more from the game 'Halo: Combat Evolved' that can be used FOR FUN! and possibly for servers

#2: Fairly simple addon that adds the basic Halo killstreaks and sprees sounds
Goes from "Killing Spree" to "Unfrigginbelievable" and "Double Kill" to "Killionaire"

5: Reason/Benefit.

For one thing, it would be pretty fun fighting with halo weapons. maybe you could make it so only the admins could operate vehicles. for the second one, i honestly want this one more because i love the idea of the halo announcer announcing killstreaks on the game!

7: Bugs/Incompatibilities.

well first of all, with the first one you would have to either make it so only the admins can drive the vehicles, or get rid of the vehicles completely if you don't want ordinary players driving vehicles. it also needs Scars Slim to run the vehicles, but again, if you don't want players using the vehicles, then you only need to make them admin only if you already have Scars Slim. other than that, i can't see any problems going on with that one. with the killstreaks, i can't see anything going wrong either.
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Re: Halo Content
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2016, 07:28:37 pm »
Not interesting really. If I wanted to redesign the server into a full fledged halo-rp I'd go ahead and add them but for the purposes of sandboxing this is bloatware and would make the server highly specialized
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