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It's so good to be back.
« on: December 17, 2015, 09:21:15 pm »
Hello, old friends. I am King Kiryu, otherwise known to you as Solar Shine, or King Solar Shine in the past. About three years ago, I had played here religously as a previous member. Here, I have had the best memories I have ever had in Garrys Mod, and I am proud to say it so. From everything in this server, I grew. As a fighter. As a flyer. As an Admin. This server pretty much set who I am today. I had run into an issue, in which the Samg381 disappeared from my history and legacy browser, and when searching for it on global, I could not find it. Thus, I moved on, in search for new horizons. A few days ago, I had found it again. I see all my old friends are here. The server is a perfect snapshot of the past. Joining back, all the memories flooded back. I am estatic beyond words to be here, among my friends. It's good to be back. I look forwards to seeing you on the server.

Shoutouts to my old pals Dread and Poob.
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Re: It's so good to be back.
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